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    Foshan Sheng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Address: London Town, Shunde District, Foshan 

    City,Village shrimp Kun Lai Wai Industrial Zone

    (Xi, Xi-Yong Chung Sai Wan

    Road, near Police Station)
    Tel: 0757-27889893 27889863
    Fax: 0757-27889803
    Website: www.designsbyadub.com
    E-mail: info@cs-mach.com
    Online QQ: 168629270

About Zhongsheng
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       CS machinery started in 1978 in Hongkong, and set up a factory in China mainland in 1990s. With its own strong technology background and combining with the advanced technology and inspirations from Europe countries, ChungSing Machinery had designed and manufactured lots of machines from many famous companies in China such as UMGG, Bestcheer ect.. ChungSing machinery has won a lot of middle and high end users for its good quality, practical structure and easy to use.
        Since 2010 and based on the trend and development of the national industries situation, our company has invested a great amount of money and human resources on the machinery research and development of the stone counter-top machinery and achieved good result and had been granted a number of national patents. We made a breakthrough on the core polishing technology on the CNC machines, and realistically achieved all functions in one CNC machines such as cutting, grinding and polishing. Traditionally the countertop production will be in a line work flow from water cut, and send to grinding and send to the polishing process, and now all will be done in one CNC machine. It has tremendously saved great deal of costs of the labor, factory running and floor occupation, and moreover it will run more safely and higher efficiency. Since our CNC machines sold to the market, they had won a lot of good appraisals and so lots of customers also recommend to their friends.
        We sincerely welcome customers all over the world to come to us for business discussion. We will provide you good quality machines with good services.