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Semi-automatic chamfering and edge grinding machine


Equipment Function Introduction:

CS-200V semi-automatic two meter chamfering and edge grinding machine, multi-purpose, with variable frequency and stepless speed regulation at the machine head. Fast and accurate, it is an essential machine for stone processing when used in mass production and processing, ensuring that the shape of the finished stone remains consistent.

Equipment technical parameters:

Power supply: 380V/50Hz three-phase four wire system

Total power: 5kw

Workpiece height: 1000mm

Effective stroke of the cutting head: 2200mm

Knife head lifting limit: 130mm

Knife head bridge forward and backward stroke: 300mm

Workbench swing angle: 0-45 °

Allowable saw blade diameter: φ 300- φ 350mm

Allowable grinding wheel diameter: φ 200- φ 250mm

Boundary dimension: 3800 × one thousand and one hundred × 1900mm

Semi-automatic chamfering and edge grinding machine
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